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Nothing Lasts Forever (1984 HQ Extended Cut) (Released)
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20-Feb-2015, 10:37 AM
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12-Aug-2020, 12:32 PM
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Hello OT,

Recently, an HD transport stream of a TCM airing of “Nothing lasts Forever” was posted on MySpleen. This is currently the highest quality source containing the lion’s share of the film available. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to produce the highest quality, complete cut of the film that is possible. Well, I’ve been at the 98% mark for a while now, with only one snag. That snag is, of course, the “Life Study” sequence. I have the footage ready to go from an upscaled 464x352 source, but I can’t, in good conscience, release it into the wild without thoroughly exhausting every lead for a higher quality source.

From the research I have done, there would seem to be at least one location for a higher quality source. The problem is that it resides on Cinemageddon, and I lack a membership for download. For months now, I have had my web browser set to automatically check every hour for markers that would indicate an open registration and alert me through e-mail, but that has proven to be somewhat of a dead end. So, I turn to you good people for help in my endeavor to complete Tom Schiller’s magnum opus in the highest possibly quality, by asking if there is anyone here willing to part with an invitation to Cinemageddon.

I realize that nothing comes without a price, so I fully prepared to contribute to the sites catalog of movies immediately. I have a few hidden gems that I’m sure would find a nice home there. Of course, I will also upload the finished cut of “Nothing Lasts Forever” when I am done, which I don’t anticipate will be any longer than a few days after I have the source material.

I remain hopeful that I may get a response here on this request. However, I invite others to chime in on what they might expect to see on an ultimate release of “Nothing Lasts Forever”. Should I include the Fan made trailer? Are there any other excised scenes or minor extensions that I should be made aware of?