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Info: Our projects released thread
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11-Feb-2015, 11:26 PM

Dark_jedi i contacted you on, unfortunately "crom" or "Crom" was not the password. Per his suggestion to ask here... Anyone else in the forum here remember the password for the TeamBlu Conan Theatrical Blu-Ray (roughly 50gb) posted to usenet in July of 2013? I believe zeropc was the uploader. I have the files downloaded and repaired, just no way to extract. Full review if i ever get the chance to feast my eyes, more importantly ears, on this monster of a Blu-Ray! Based on what I have read in these forums this was a true passion project done for the the theatrical version of a film I am very passionate about. This was the way I watched it on VHS growing up, and later the (laserdisc ported?) non-anamorphic DVD release.  Enough rambling, some one hook me up if you can.