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When did you realize the Prequels sucked?
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4-Jan-2015, 5:29 PM

I tried so, so hard to like them.  For Menace, it the first scene where the alien mouth movements don't match the words, and then didn't get any better.  I went to see it four more times to give it a good solid chance of growing on me.  It took nearly a decade for it to become the most "Star Wars" of the prequels.  "Star Wars" in a Jedi way

For Clones I camped for three days and it was a good time.  As much fun as the camp-out was, the movie itself?  The crowd at the theater I was at was dead silent walking out.  Some uncomfortable laughter.  This were going really wrong for Star Wars at the point, and all of the adults in the audience knew it.  

For Sith, I just read the book.  It was like a good soap opera set in space.  Mostly forgettable, but not really "bad" in the way the other two movies were...

... until I deliberately sat down to watch it after seeing the RLM review years later.   What a stinker.  I laughed and laughed, especially during the scene were Anikan tells Padme she looks beautiful, and then she turns to the camera sporting one of the worst make-up jobs in cinematic history.  I fell asleep twice during Anikan vs Obi Wan, but stuck to my guns and backed it up each time so I could watch every single second.  Needless to say, it did not redeem the trilogy.

After that I went back and read the books for all three of them back to back  and discovered that Menace sort of worked as a novel, but the Clones novel was actually worse, somehow, than the movie.  Sith, as a novel, was totally ruined by the actual movie and the bookmark is still in it on page 127 to this day where I stopped  reading.

S5 and S6 of the Clones Wars has sort of supplanted the movies in my head canon, but I do occasionally watch the Fall of the Jedi edits.