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Frank your Majesty
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Star Wars Ring Theory
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3-Jan-2015, 11:38 AM
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Frank your Majesty
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imperialscum said:

Frank your Majesty said:

But if you like strawberry ice cream and you happen to eat a portion with rotten strawberries you know who is to blame: The one who made it.

In my analogy I established ice cream to be a film as an art and strawberry ice cream as a particular film (i.e. PT). Therefore if you don't like strawberry ice cream (i.e. the foundations of PT: storyline, character development, etc.) it really doesn't matter who makes it. In the end, a rotten strawberry or not, it will still be a strawberry ice cream.

 character development in the PT? You must be trolling :D

The problem with your analogy is, that strawberry ice cream is generally liked, whereas the PT is widely seen as inferior to the OT. If you translate the PT to an ice cream flavor it would probably be cheddar cheese. There are some people who may like it, but the majority isn't exactly excited about it.

Now I want to get back on topic, so this is my last word on ice cream analogies.