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Terminator 1 & 2 Projects
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29-Dec-2014, 5:58 PM

It has been a busy holiday season for me but I finally have time to post my thoughts on these 2 projects. While I was waiting for these to arrive I was anticipating the menus and I can now that I have reviewed the discs these menus are OUTSTANDING!!!!! They have been designed as a motion menu and upon start up they have been set up with a diagnostics check list similar to a T-800 then moving on to a Cyberdyne logo. The rest of the team has pulled out all the stops on these 2. I only had these 2 on DVD before this and the picture and audio quality is a dream on these!!! Along with the small amount of excellent special features, (which, themselves have been perfected for these releases) T1 and T2, TeamBlu have knocked it out of the park......AGAIN!!!!