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Star Wars Day (UK) - Screenings of OT
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15-Dec-2014, 10:54 AM

GlastoEls said:

Just to finish off this thread, here's the review of the day from the British Film Institute themselves:

Some quotes:

The special editions remain as controversial as ever.

Yet, with the 1997 special ditions of the Star Wars trilogy the only versions in official circulation, a big-screen viewing makes the dated anniversary additions stick out like a sore thumb. And didn’t the audience know it (the loudest boos saved for Hayden Christensen’s spectral appearance at the end of Return of the Jedi). Director George Lucas clearly meant to impose closer ties to his prequels retrospectively, but if you’ve just broken a leg, it’s hard to see the logic in breaking the other one in the name of symmetry.

 sounds good.   but i just thought of something else..what about the 'NOOOOO' ?  surely there was some negative feedback for that, right?  among mainstream audiences, its the most notorious change.