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Do the Star Wars movies contain evidence that Lucas makes it up as he goes?
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5-Dec-2014, 3:23 PM

StarThoughts said:

The Force in the original trilogy is essentially California-style, avocado-flavored magic. Midi-chlorians were clearly Lucas' attempt to bring the Force into the science-fiction fold. It was also a way for him to explain a “virgin birth.”


This is the problem with the prequels. A lot of things in life are more interesting when they are implied but not explained in detail. They impart a sense of mystery and wonder. The people Lucas collaborated with in the OT may not have had his sense of vision (they didn't), but they were professionals who understood how to put the best product up on the screen, and they provided checks and balances to all of his flaws.

Fast forward to the prequels and there were no such checks and balances. All of the on-the-nose dialogue and exposition were very plain to see.