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Survivors' Enclave From Another Fanediting site (.org regroup thread)
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5-Dec-2014, 12:34 PM

This looks so Damn great!!! Nice work Rogue :-)

Rogue-theX said:

Here's something I've been working on for my Luke Skywalker Conquers the Galaxy edit, for the race scene. Not sure if this dude is runnin' 'shine for Jabba and that box is for the liquor or if he's a racer and the box is a toolbox for quick fix-its on the move, not sure what the droids name is either. Currently in the process of adding spark plug wires and working on the wood firewall and dashboard, tempted to cut out the floorboard and replace it with real wood since the dash and firewall are coming out pretty decent (crumby foot pedals not withstanding). Lindberg 1/16 1914 Stutz racer: