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Survivors' Enclave From Another Fanediting site (.org regroup thread)
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5-Dec-2014, 12:33 PM

Vultural said:

Ranger, what's up with your Midnight Slaughter Train edit?

The preview I saw appeared ready for submitting.

As an established editor, I believe you don't need to wait for Academy approval.  Also, Info is up and should be OK for another year.

Of course you might want to wait until FE loses that forbidding gator.

Hi Vultural thanks for the feedback man yeah I agree with you about the original version retaining the music like you said, keeps the mood rolling into the credits.

The version version you watched is the final cut at this point, I'll send the same file to info but may do it when FE reopens, it'll be more useful for reviews/feedback etc when there's an actual thread for it and ifdb listing. Plus, two people made cover art for it (which I can't access due to the gator), so I think I'll wait for fe to go back up to release.