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Info: Our projects released thread
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30-Nov-2014, 7:24 PM

dark_jedi said:

Well it seems there is an audio glitch on the song "Silver and Gold" it skips over 1 word, and I am reading there is some color errors, with Santas Elves, and Yukons coat is back to blue but supposedly there are a few frames where it still shows greenish, I am actually still trying to look into all this to make sure, I was hoping some here may know and can offer up some assistance.

That DVD according to members at has the correct audio for the film, I thought I had it but still have not found it, I also want to spin my 50th BD to see/hear some of this myself, this is such a classic film that it deserves to be correct, well at least to me anyways.


 Couldn't agree more.