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Windu's Blue Lightsaber (Resources) [Updated 1/25/15 - EP2 AVAILABLE NOW] *** See First Post***
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21-Nov-2014, 12:30 PM

Bingowings said:

There have been edits with Mace not having purple or others (Dooku, Yoda etc) also having purple to take the uniqueness away from Mace's.

In my view PT era Jedi all had blue sabers and Luke is the first to go green.

I agree... All Jedi should have blue lightsabers... Even Luke! 

Jedi blue Sith red... Simple! 

 I'd love to see a fan edit of ROTJ where Luke's lightsaber is blue. It was originally intended to be so but they changed it because the colour of the blade got lost against the sky during the fight above the Sarlacc Pit. 

Are there any edits out there that made the change?