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Is the Hobbit prequel trilogy suffering the same problems as the Star Wars prequel Trilogy?
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11-Nov-2014, 9:01 AM
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11-Nov-2014, 9:01 AM
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Heero Yuy said:

 Eh, I don't really mind differing opinions. We don't want this place to become a mindless circle jerk like Lucas apologists are trying to turn TF.N into, do we? 

 I don't mind different opinions on the SW movies, but the reason were all here is to get the OOT released.  Honestly, if someone comes in here to shit all over the OOT, then whats the point of the site?

The better analogy would be if someone went to TFN and didn't like ANY SW movie, and just started ragging on the 6 movies.  The point is everyone goes there to talk about SW movies, but the problem with TFN is they wanted EVERYONE to love the 6 movies and ran off any OOT fans who didn't like the PT.

We are all here to get the OOT released, and that was the original point of the site.  Now if someone wants to tell us how much they love Episode I, they have every  right to do it.