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5-Oct-2014, 5:55 AM
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We have those vast majorities to thank for VHS being more popular than Beta and Laserdisc though. ;)

Were there even any 4K cameras available when AOTC and ROTS were being made?

Yeah, 4K is  mostly a marketing thing at the moment, much like DVD's that touted HD masters. Titles like Ghostbusters have been remastered, and according to reviews look better than the early releases though.

4K sets are bound to come down in price, so it will eventually be a no brainer.

IIRC, 40 inches was the limit for a CRT. Anything bigger would implode too easily, and that's almost as bad a 200 pound monster sitting in your living room that's already a bit nose heavy.

When I replaced the 30 incher in the living room five years ago, I almost ended up like the Wicked Witch of the East. Why most analog tv's didn't have freaking handles on them, I'll never know.

Didn't Sony's first 4k set have a bunch of movies built in on a hard drive or something?