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4-Oct-2014, 9:43 PM

Warbler said:

ElectricTriangle said:

There is no official disk based media for 4k yet. The "mastered in 4k" refers to how they were scanned; they are 1080p disks. I  think Netflix offers a tiny bit of content in 4k, but there is no way you can get that on a"somewhat crappy internet connection."

Just don't get a 4k TV.

 well what is the difference between a blu ray that is "mastered in 4k" and on that isn't?  There many blu-rays in which the movie was transfered to 4k or originally filmed in 4k like the last 2 episodes of the PT and put on blu ray that aren't labeled "mastered in 4k.  What's the difference?

 Exactly my question. For instance, Battle: Los Angeles (which is a relatively new movie) was, I'm guessing, shot in 4K, has a regular blu-ray, and a new edition seemingly specifically marketed for 4K televisions.