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PT Re-Write: Jedi outfits
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2-Oct-2014, 6:10 PM
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2-Oct-2014, 6:12 PM
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Personally I'll just have them wearing whatever suits their character ( pun not actually intentional ). It'll be as far ranging as what we see of Jedi pre-prequel trilogy, and as varied as the KoToR or Jedi Knight games.

I'll have most of them wielding sabers of some sort, but some will use other forms of weaponry too like blasters and such, whilst some won't use anything at all.

I imagine a younger 'clique' of Jedi around Anakins age who are less reserved and not as wise or powerful in the force as the older masters. These will be the less orthodox Jedi, who we'll see are more forceful, leading the charge with the troops on the frontlines. Older Jedi like Obi-wan would be seen doing this when necessary, but would mostly be found hitting important targets in small, specialised strike teams aka Star Wars meets the SAS. People like Yoda I'm not sure if I'll even have fighting at all... 'wars not make one great'.

But I digress, although it comes back to clothing, I.E whatever suits the character and situation, which quite simply wouldn't be beige and brown robes 24/7.