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Nightmare Scenario Special Edition
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22-Sep-2014, 8:42 AM

*clears away cobwebs*

Well, I guess the thread isn't getting any younger... I don't wanna be that guy who dominates his own topic, but you've given me no choice! 


-CGI AT-ATs and chicken walkers added to sandtrooper search in dune sea

-All scenes with stormtroopers are fleshed out with additional CGI troops

-A Jedi is added to the blockade runner, who is killed by stormtroopers.


-Lucas loved this idea of the flying manta rays, and finally used it in both AOTC and ROTS,so why not shove 'em in cloud city now?

-More than one probe droid searches Hoth, so it doesn't look like the Empire only sent out one. (CGI Dewback reasoning)

- Tentacles/horns, etc. added to space slug


-New scene where Yoda tells Luke about the "Chosen One" prophecy.

-Lucas didn't think everyone blinked enough, so he gave people CGI eyelids if they went a while without blinking.

-Speeder bike scene made "faster and more intense" by inserting new CGI footage of them doing many of the stunts and tricks from the TPM podrace. "It's like poetry, they rhyme."