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Who is Ignoring You, and Who are You Ignoring? (was: Who is Ignoring You? (was: Hello all, I'm back!))
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22-Sep-2014, 8:18 AM

DominicCobb said:

You guys talk about respect as if it's something that only you understand. Like if I or someone else indulges in an occasional obscenity we don't know the meaning of respect.

 ^This. While I'm willing to entertain the idea that he shouldn't have posted in the "safety-scissors" forum, I can't comprehend the belittling of his good news in the good news thread. (I can think of some dirtier "Good News" quotes...) It's fair game, one of the very first sections of the bitching thread was about how someone's grandfather was about to die, he died, everyone consoled him, and moved on to the next bitching. What's the period of back-slapping necessary before other people can post their OWN good news?