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Who is Ignoring You, and Who are You Ignoring? (was: Who is Ignoring You? (was: Hello all, I'm back!))
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22-Sep-2014, 5:26 AM
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22-Sep-2014, 5:28 AM
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darth_ender said:

You know, I get irritated every time I read these stupid jokes, but the nature of HotRod's joke (the disrespect towards his wife in particular) and the timing of it, just a few posts after my heartfelt post about my children and the very important recent event in my life (the birth of my daughter) just was too much.

I'll be honest with you, I didn't even read your OP...I just thought I'd share my good news...

Please don't bang on and on about how I disrespected my wife, it was a bloody joke. Not everyone is so serious. Christ, I'm defiantly not. Does that make me a bad partner? No. A bad dad? No

I've been on and off this forum for 10 years now...bloody hell....And I've seen a lot of dicks come and go. Maybe I'm turning into one of them, who knows, who cares!! This isn't real life, I don't go up to people in the real world and tell them what I'd like to do to my missus...well, maybe sometimes....But if I do its in a way that comes across as harmless banter...But no one starts crying and telling me how much it disgusts them or how it's put them off eating chocolate cake (hahahahaha)

Just chill out for Gods sake....