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The Last Son of Krypton (Season One)
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16-Sep-2014, 6:51 AM
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As I’m sort of stuck in the development of my Episode II rewrite at the moment, I felt it’d be good for me to take a break and focus on writing something else I’d been wanting to write for some time now: a screenplay for my own Superman movie.

Suffice it to say, Superman is my #1 favourite superhero, but none of the live-action films have succeeded in capturing what it is about the character that resonates with me; pretty much everything made until recently has been based off of the lousy Silver/Bronze Age Superman – a version of the character I have absolutely no love for. I suppose that’s come to an end with the Man of Steel movie, but I have no interest in Zach Synder’s ultraviolent, angsty caricature of the character. So, in lieu of Hollywood taking its head out of its ass, I’m going to create the Superman I want to see myself.

While my version of Superman is largely inspired by the early post-Crisis Superman of the '80s and '90s, I have also incorporated some ideas and concepts from Superman: The Animated Series, Smallville, the Golden Age Superman stories, and – to a smaller degree – the Donner/Lester films, the Silver/Bronze Age stories, and Superman: Birthright.

Like pretty much every other screenplay I’ve worked on, this is a work in progress; the following post is literally going to consist of everything I’ve written thus far.