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The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread
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15-Sep-2014, 11:12 AM

Possessed said:

I had an idea for phantom menace that I haven't seen done yet exactly the way I was thinking.  It isn't really very radical it's just an omision.  I've seen edits that cut out part of these ideas but not completely,  and in my opinion it only works if the idea is totally there or totally removed.

The whole Jar-Jar being banished and then the gungans fighting with the naboo alliance thing.  What if we skip the whole underwater gungan city thing.  Remove the whole gungan and naboo not getting along idea.  Have it play it so that jar jar is tagging along because qui gon saved his life as he says.  But no mention of jar jar being on bad terms with other gungans.  Then later have the queen ask jar jar for his help, but not show the details of her asking what she needs him to do, then later (hopefully soon as having alot of time pass will make this seem unclear) you see the gungan army gathering.

I think this would work because without Jar Jar being on bad terms with the other gungans and without the gungans having animosity with the naboo, there is no longer any need to have a dramatic "coming together" and accepting of both jar jar and the naboo.  If everything is already assumed to be fine with them, it's believable that Jar is able to gather the gungans all off camera.  

I've seen edits that do part of this.  But in my opinion only doing half of that makes it more confusing.  I think the best way to handle it is to skip all the way over the whole subplot and just have it be assumed that jar jar gathers the gungans off camera.

It may seem vague, but other movies have done things similar without being questioned.

 From experience I can tell you (for me anyway) becomes Jar-Jar in the battle. His antics in the battle are horrifying. And yes, we could cut his portions out, but he's in it so much, you wouldn't have a whole lot of footage left.

The idea is cool though, and honestly how George should have done it.