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How did you first see the star wars films?
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14-Sep-2014, 2:53 AM

Hi there... I'm new to the O.T. community so am excited to share my first Star Wars experience...

I was always aware of Star Wars. But I didn't really take an interest until my brother took me to see The Phantom Menace at our local cinema in 1999. I was only 11 and by the time the Jedi had reached Amidala I was hooked!!!

A few weeks later a friend of my sister leant me the special editions  from 1997 on VHS. I quickly realised that these were even better and, as my sister lost contact the the guy who leant me the videos, I still have them now!! 

Several months after that, I found the unaltered versions while staying at my uncle's house. He had the definitive collection on laserdisc and I was blown away all over again by the original films.

Next came The Phantom Menace full screen VHS... I still have this too.

2002, aged 14, I saw Attack Of The Clones the day it was released. Again, my brother and I went together and I loved it!! My mum bought me the fullscreen VHS the day it was released and yes I still own it...

Revenge Of The Sith, was the biggest thrill for me... Purely because my uncle, who's laserdiscs I had watched almost every time I visited since finding them, managed to get us tickets for the UK premiere. I sat in the theatre and again was blown away!!! An extra bonus was snagging a few autographs and meeting Jeremy Bullock in the toilets...!!! =0

Pre-ordered the DVD and got it delivered a day early!!! :)

I now have the whole saga on DVD, blu-ray and (with the exception of ROTS) VHS...

Well there you have it... I will say that my love of the prequels has died somewhat in the last couple of years. I'm not a hater, but they certainly lack the magic of the originals. And there are some major plot wholes if you try to watch all six in order...I've also, ALWAYS preferred the unaltered versions of the classic trilogy. Here's hoping they release them on blu-ray in the build up to episode VII...