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Macross: Do You Remember Love?
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27-Aug-2014, 9:16 AM
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The Shade:

Evan1975 is the guy who started this thread. I'm me. It took me quite a while to put this computer together not including the video / audio software I'm still re-installing.  And I still need to get some water cooling on the video card and do a lot of file back ups this week.  So, I'm just going to get myself as organized as possible for this week before I start on this fan edit.


Space Kaiju:

According to Macross World fans who live in Japan, any HD TV broadcasts of DYRL were from the censored DYRL bluray.  I'm having trouble finding that thread on the MW forum just now. 

The two seconds of up-scaled, non-censored DYRL video would be taken from the remastered HD DYRL DVD.  I have the limited edition DYRL DVD boxset that also includes the original, un-restored theatrical DYRL. The theatrical DYRL DVD would be good for the audio.  I also have the remastered Flashback 2012 DVD.


I look forward to your completed Transformers movie restoration!



You can find a catalogue of most of the Macross video sources on Macross World!

DYRL video sources that I have.

1. VHS

a. Clash of the Bionoids - Toho English dub, edited video, Celebrity Just for Kids

b. Macross - Toho English dub, unedited video, Best Films

c. Super Space Fortress Macross DYRL - Toho English dub, Mono audio, un-edited video, Japanese subtitled, Victor Entertainment, VTG-270 (Update.)

2. LD

a. PILA-7008 Japanese, Doly Digital surround (1 copy)

b. TLL-1284  Toho English dub, Analog mono (1 copy)

c. SF078-5022 Japanese, Analog stereo (1 copy)

d. BEAL-448 Perfect Edition - Japanese, Dolby Digital surround (3 copies)

e. BEAL-132 Flashback 2012 - Japanese, Digital stereo (3 copies)

3. DVD

a. DYRL Perfect Edition

b. remastered DYRL

c. theatrical non-remastered DYRL

c. remastered Flashback 2012

4. BD

a. DYRL limited edition set

And I have a bunch of DYRL audio sources  that I need to get organized. 


Space Hunter M:

I can't remember if the Toho English Dub DYRL LD has the English credits and the Flashback 2012 ending.  I'll check the DYRL Clash of the Bionoids VHS tapes, too.



Sometimes the DYRL BD is very sharp and detailed and sometimes the video is grainy and a little blurred.  I think the problem was the way that the movie was animated with layers of cel animations.   Here is one review of the DYRL BD that was quite critical.