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Our projects released thread
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24-Aug-2014, 12:01 AM
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I'd often thought of suggesting Mega several times over the past few  months but never did as it seemed you were content with the services you were currently using.  With that said... is there really a need to utilize a paid account for hosting?  Registering for a Free account provides the end user with 50gb of storage space.  All that's required is a valid e-mail address (which can easily be created on an ongoing basis), and links can be shared indefinitely.  My thought has always been, why not set up anonymous  storage lockers with corresponding e-mail addresses for each project?  So for instance, someone could create and then register a mega account to it.  That locker could be used to house only the files associated with Night of the Living Dead 90.  Whether you choose to upload one giant .iso file or 45 smaller .rar files is up to the uploader. 

In this fashion there is still some control over the projects themselves,and no one has to pay anything.  Each link provided would only link to that specific movie, rather than the complete Team Blu collection, and if someone were to decide to go back and make alterations or new versions, the old files could come down and the new files replace them in one easy to find location.  (Think how much easier it's be to get access to the Original Star Wars Trilogy versions released through this site if instead of making users hunt, they just provided the most up to date release inside their current storage locker and then just announced Version 2.0 is available now).

From my experience using Mega, the downloads are lightning quick and very straightforward.  Personally, I had no problem using  Yes it took me several days to download a project, but in the end the effort was more then worth the reward.  With that said, Mega should more or less eliminate virtually all problems.  You could also offer an incentive for people that want future releases, in that anyone that uploads and shares a project from you could be given access to new projects before anyone else.  Thereby eliminating your need to re-upload if such a situation would arrive.  

Whatever you decide I'm happy to hear that you're at least looking into other distribution means, as I refuse to go the newsgroup route, and so that means I've only enjoyed Fright Night II and NOTLD '90 as those were the only 2 projects which I was aware of that had links.