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Johnny Ringo
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Video Games - a general discussion thread
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13-Aug-2014, 12:01 AM

Looks like there's a good amount of news coming out of Gamescon for xbox this year. We haven't really seen much of interest from E3 et al but now we can get a good idea of the games and features coming out in the next few months.

With all the features coming out it looks like the Xbone will finally be the system that it should have been on day one. Further proof that they launched the system way too early. 


better interface, better social features, interesting looking games, media streaming...

new halo waypoint type app looks interesting -


Played some Artemis starship bridge simulator last weekend with a big group of people. Good fun. It all went down hill once we discovered we could name our own ships. I lost count of the dick jokes pretty quickly at that point..

Been playing a bit of Broforce lately. Good fun. I don't think it's complete yet. Somebody gifted me a copy on steam.

Anyone else thinking of getting Destiny? - I think Doubleofive is getting about 12 copies. I'm considering getting it. The controls are good and the story could be fun. Not really a fan of the MMO type elements.