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7-Aug-2014, 5:54 PM

skyjedi2005 said:

Amazing Spider-man 2.

Nothing Amazing about it.

Joyless and even more mediocre than the last entry.

Jamie Foxx a good actor hammy and criminally underused, Emma Stone is barely in it. 

Not so special special effects, bad gimmicky 3-D web swinging.  Incompetent to barely there script and direction.

Even the cinematography which thankfully was shot on film   is just okay and not really mind blowing.  Expected more from Mindel.

The score or almost lack of one, very little to no orchestral score, was not very good, what little there was like the opening was adequate.

No real theme under scoring the hero or the villains.  Other than for rhino and that was pretty pathetic.

Worst part was the ending and the way they handled a pivotal moment in the comics and totally botched it.

Such a wasted opportunity if they only spent half the time and energy developing the story as they had the advertising.

2.5 stars.

 I don't think you like anything