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The Unofficial Complete REVISITED SAGA Ideas and Random Discussion Thread
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7-Aug-2014, 10:13 AM

Bingowings said:

Platitude said:

Fair points, I dunno.  Padme dying really screws things up.  Its funny how Lucas was really focused on making some random things line up with the OT, like how Obi-Wan picks up Anakin's lightsaber, but the larger things like this were generally ignored.


Only it doesn't because Luke's father's bequest of his magic sword to his child is a mythically resonant plot trigger (King Arthur etc) and yet in ROTS Anakin just drops the latest in a long line of weapons after having his limbs hacked off.

I personally would have Anakin use only one sword as a Jedi (no comedy 'weapon damage' in AOTC) and leave it with Padme. If his mission to Musthavealeak failed his child would one day wield Excalibur. That way Vader can use a red saber.

That all makes perfect sense. It would work if only Anakin were a noble, likeable character, and that his mission to Musthavealeak was (at least in his mind) for the greater good of the people and not just as Palpatine's personal hitman.

On the flip side, make Obi-Wan force-grab/steal Anakin's lightsaber from him. "If this guy's going to be a bad guy, I'll at least try to help his son one day take him down." Then it makes Obi-Wan's story to Luke even more fabricated: "Yes, this Vader guy DID murder your father, he WAS a good friend, and he really DID want you to have this one day."