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Hey it's me.
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Other than Jar Jar and midichlorians, what don't you want in episode 7?
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4-Aug-2014, 4:02 PM

a big hello to all that remember me on here. Just a few words to begin with (for what its worth) Life's been very eventful since I last graced (lol) these forums and I feel I'm quite a different person to the last one who was on here. A much more..calmer and considered person I dare to say :-). Despite all the madness that's been happening personally, I haven't failed to keep myself up to date with all the news relating to Episode VII. Fair to say there's been quite a bit going on. Anyway now that's out of the way, to the threads question.

i don't want to see unoriginality. I don't want to see too many nods to the style of ANH. As in a loveable rogue/ anti hero character. Luke mirroring Obi Wan from Star Wars. As in the old Jedi who..well, you know the rest. I remember all that 'rhymes' crap Lucas came out with to justify the lazy story telling we had to suffer in the prequels. None of this please. Make the story original and fresh.