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DF Shadow
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The Unofficial Complete REVISITED SAGA Ideas and Random Discussion Thread
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26-Jul-2014, 1:03 AM
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G E Predator said:

Hi!  I have returned from a long, LONG absence.

I'd like to start off with a public apology for my childish behavior years ago.  If you don't remember, it's best not to.  If you do, I promise it won't happen again.


You got a lot of guts coming here, after what you pulled.

JK, no clue what you did. But I do like your idea about just straight removing the 'lost the will to live' line and perhaps leaving her death more ambiguous. In TPM and AOTC Padme was shown to be a strong person, then by the time ROTS rolls around she becomes pregnant, sits around doing nothing, cries a lot and loses the will to live despite the fact that she has a brand new life to care for.

Considering all that happened she should have even MORE reason to live and protect her child.