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Revenge of the Sith Trailer description!!
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16-Oct-2004, 3:54 PM

Originally posted by: Darth Justin
Nah, most of those movies were worse than even the prequels, Jimbo. Save for Dumb & Dumber. Van Helsing had to be the worst. What a complete dissapointment. Shouldn't have expected anything less from Stephen Sommers. The worst part was that people were actually looking forward to the movie.

Aren't you a bit down on Van Helsing. Look at the trailer what did you expect. Van Helsing made no sense and is very campy but on a pure dumb fun level they don't get much better then Van Helsing. The movie is fun as hell and the effects are superb. It is just a huge action romp that succeeds in being highly entairtaining.