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It's official...
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16-Oct-2004, 6:43 AM
Regicidal_Maniac at the time we gave help to Bin Ladin he hadn't yet commited any terrorist acts. We both wanted the Soviets out of Afganistan so we took an enemy of or enemy is our friend attitude. I don't agree with funding Isreal but you can't blame Bush for this. Clinton did the same thing and Kerry will too if he wins. Saddam was not responsible for September 11th but this arguement assumes the war on terror is just assume Osama Bin Ladin. Something you and John Kerry don't understand is the war on terror is all terrorism. Saddam Hussaine harbored terrorists, funded terrorists, gased his own people, commited holocost like crimes, tried to assasinate a United States President, arrested people for fictious crimes, the man was a problem who needed to be illimininated. He should have been illiminated in 1991. Thats one of my biggest problems with the first George Bush. Lucky his son was able to finish the job. I feel much safer now that Saddam Hussaine is in jail. Iran and North Korea are next. Ill take a line from Independence Day "Nuke em. Lets Nuke the basterds"