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15-Oct-2004, 7:06 PM

Originally posted by: Darth Chaltab
What infuriates me the most is that people who call themselves humanists are against this war. How can you be a humanist if you don't think we should do anything to help the humans in distress in Iraq.

Motti, the truth is that in both Iraq and Afghanistan, there were people--terrorists--that wanted nothing more than to opress their world with their perverted form of religion, and kill as many Americans as possible. They are still there in Iraq, and Bush is fighting them. Kerry, despite his promises, is not the leader Bush is. He can't win a war that he doesn't believe in.

I thought Vietnam would prove that much.

I like Kerrys logic. "Hey France and Germany the war was a big waste of time but I want you to send 2 million troops to help us please"

Kerry is full of empty promises, flip flops, and sometimes just downright lies.