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REVENGE OF THE NERDS (* unfinished project *)
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8-Jul-2014, 5:17 AM
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If I may chime in on this one...

I think it's freakin retarded that they cut the footage instead of just blurring it or CGI'ing in a "555" for the prefix. That being said, I went online and started searching for HDTV rips of the movie to see if they contain this cut as well. I managed to find three different copies (a 1080i from Spanish Canal+, a 1080i from a Russian broadcast, and a 720p copy from Ukrainian/Russian station "1+1") and they ALL contain this cut as well. I was not able to find the 720p copy that TripleBHBK has a copy of and agree with Funcha that this copy is ultra-rare fan edit gold.

I then researched info on editions that had this uncut edition and, apparently, only the initial CBS Fox Productions VHS release from 1985 and the Laserdisc (unfortunately those are both full screen) were uncut and all subsequent releases were edited including all airings of the movie on cable. However, there is some dispute when it comes to the cable airings, as the first airing of the movie on HBO in 1985, according to some, was also an uncut edition. I spoke with a friend of mine in Arizona, who is a nerd/film buff with a treasure trove of older movies, who claims to have an edition of the movie in 720p that is uncut and contains audio commentary (on a secondary track) by the director during that scene explaining how that scene came to be cut from most releases. He also claims to have a properly digitized copy from Beta of the 1985 HBO airing of the movie. My friend is rebuilding his RAID array (as most of the drives are giving out and he shut the system down to make sure he can back it up before the drives completely crash) and said he will have access to his collection in a couple of weeks when he can afford to replace the drives. Once I have received those from him and verified their authenticity, I am happy to share either one with anyone that would be interested.

On the note of sharing, I am wondering if TripleBHBK would be willing to share his 720p copy, for a quality comparison to the 720p copy that my friend claims to have. Also, it would be awesome to have an HD source to work with (regardless of who it comes from) to re-cut those few seconds back into the 1080p bluray because the cut there is so abrupt that it seems like an "...oops, I pressed the stop button on the VCR by accident and then pressed record immediately after but there's a couple seconds missing there" kind of thing, LOL