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World Cup 2014 discussion
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1-Jul-2014, 3:59 PM

Warbler said:

HotRod said:

not really sure how you can argue it is further away.   My way would involve the whole field and kicking the ball up and down it and would involve all players sands the goalies and involves running up and down said field.  All would be the same as regular play accept no goalies.  Penalty kicks involves just two players the kicker and the goalie, one kick and a very small part of the field.  Quite different than regular play. 

Something I like the sound of would be to continue play after extended time, sudden death style, but allow unlimited substitutions and re-entry.  Just to keep someone from dying from exhaustion.

 ok, but if a team was limited to 10 players due to a red card, they should still only be allowed 10 players. 

What about playing sudden death for say 15-20 minutes, then take a break for the same amount of time that halftime is, then play for another 15-20 and take another halftime break and so on until you have winner?  The breaks should keep the players from getting too tired.

 Jesus Christ.....90 mins, extra time, penalties....That's it!!!

Your way they'd be no one left. Either dead or near dead!! And even if there was, they would be all to knackered to play the next game!!!

Stop trying to change the rules to suit you!!! Don't like the rules, don't watch the game!!!

That's the difference between World Football and American Football. The American version they all bloody stop after 5 mins for time out, or whatever the fuck it is.

 You need to calm down . . . A LOT.   I know I can't change the rules, we are just talking here.   I don't see why my way would kill the players.   These guys are supposed to be world class athletes.  They should be able to last awhile.   Perhaps you missed my idea of halftime lenght break every 20 minutes of overtime sudden death play.  I think that would keep them from getting too tired. 

 I'm calm man. Very calm. 

Coming from you, amazing!!

anyhow, good luck to you Yanks!!!

come on Belgium!!!!!