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Episode III: Revenge of the Ridiculousness
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28-Jun-2014, 4:32 PM

^Picture no worky, but don't worry about it, I know the scene.

Boy, you weren't kidding about his agent on this one as well.  He spends half the movie pretending to be dumb and deaf (insert Anakin joke here), and is absent for much of the other half.   And the movie is really, really bad, including (what I can only assume is) the worst cover of Simple Minds "Don't You."  I will admit to laughing at some of the lines the "priest" had, but overall this is garbage.

But at least it wasn't a biopic ;-)

Related to this edit, it's going to be weird trying to use this because Hayden has a pretty atrocious accent...although it's very Costner-like in that it keeps coming and going.  There are some gems, however, such as "kill me today, you'll still be an ugly [REDACTED] tomorrow."