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Johnny Ringo
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Video Games - a general discussion thread
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17-Jun-2014, 2:42 AM

Nostalgic? Probably. I have great memories of halo2 and it seems they've fixed the few things I had issue with - poor textures, cliff hanger ending, etc.

Uninformed? - I certainly hope so. At this point the more I read about Destiny, the less interested I become.

No offline mode means the game will pretty much be pay to play. And tough luck to people with poor internet speeds.

Customization is fun but I'd prefer to play as the hero of the story rather than some random.

The 'forced' social aspect of the game doesn't really interest me either. Bungie claim that you 'can' go it alone but certain missions towards the end will require co-op play.

Overall it just looks kinda of bland. I hope I'm wrong and I'll probably still get it at some point but it's not a must have in my eyes.

Bungie has a great reputation at this point but a lot of the guys who put in the hard work over the years have left or been fired. I'm skeptical that they can repeat the successes of the past.