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Johnny Ringo
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Video Games - a general discussion thread
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16-Jun-2014, 10:21 PM

You've held out this long. At least most of the quirks have been sorted now and the few that remain should be sorted asap.

This might interest you. - https://xbox.uservoice.com/

It's the official feedback / suggestion website.

I did enjoy the novelty of jumping on board early but the interface was awkward at first with some basic features lacking..

We'll have to catch up once you guys are up and running. You'll probably have a whole load of system updates to grab before you can jump in and have fun.

Really looking forward to the Halo pack too.

Is is sad that I'm much more interested in playing a game Bungie put out 10 years ago [Halo 2] than the game they are about to release [destiny]?