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Revenge of the Sith Trailer description!!
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14-Oct-2004, 1:18 PM
Bizzle, I find you to be somewhat of a hypocrit. You criticize us for criticizing others, and for being too 'black and white'. By saying someone has an extreme stance and that a more moderate approach should be taken, you are in fact starting a 'black and white' argument. You are saying you are right and the other is wrong.


Your sports analogy isn't a very good one, either. Let's stick to movies.

My sports analogy was quite sound, in fact. But just for you, I'll go with with your Michael Bay example, which I find flawed. For me, a sports season, or a movie frachise, is where one thing builds on the other. The overall quality of the individual events may fluctuate, but the events are still connected, like it or not, and there is an overall goal . The Rock doesn't pick up where Bad Boys left off. I don't see the PT this way. The prequels, by their very nature, are intended to be one big story, at least to me. Which leads to...


If I don't like a couple movies by a director, and then I watch one that's good--Why should I hold those other two movies against the one I enjoyed? Why should I completely dilute and sabotage the fun time I had with the GOOD movie just so I can maintain my grump status? What's the point of that? Where's the logic in watching a movie, liking it, and then having to convince myself it's bad by way of bringing up the directors past movies in a way to belittle the enjoyment I just had?

I commend you on this. Honestly. I guess I just don't have the discipline to seperate things that I find to be intrinsically related. I'm not saying that any time a movie has a crappy sequel, that I have to write off ALL movies in the franchise. I literally wouldn't have anything to watch. However, I believe there's a difference between the the initial movie in a franchise being the good and the subsequent ones sucking than vice versa. For me, it's much easier to handle disappointment after the success of the initial movie than the other way around. I can remember the feeling and the fun I had the first time, and especially the fact that at the time something was made, the sky was the limit. Not to mention I hadn't tasted the disappointment yet. It will be hard to watch Anakin in Ep III (if in fact I see it) and say, "He's the baddest ass Jedi ever" when automatically I think of him saying corny shit to Padme by a fire, losing his lightsaber a few times, and whining incessantly. But maybe you are right, and I may need to condition myself into seperating things.

Again, I commend guys like you, and even Jimbo. I would much rather enjoy something than whine about it, but it's just my nature to observe and analyze things the way I do. If that means I'm seen as 'cynical' so be it.