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Johnny Ringo
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The Standalone Star Wars Films
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14-Jun-2014, 8:16 AM

I wouldn't say that a visor covering Dredd's face is quite the same as a guy wearing a bucket.

When Dredd is angry you can see it on his face.

But that's what Kasdan's wants to do. His idea is that at the start of the film someone who Boba Fett is hunting kills him and takes his armour. You never see his face, there by doing away with the whole prequels thing and any knowledge of the character.

It would be a great way to start the film.

To me that sounds terrible. I am very skeptical that they can do something new and interesting [in film] with the character.

And what of the fact that Boba Fett in ESB [now] sounds exactly like Jango Fett in AOTC?