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Johnny Ringo
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14-Jun-2014, 7:44 AM

Broken Allegiance was a nice surprise when I first saw it. They planned to do a sequel / prequel at some point but it never really happened. I remember seeing some test footage / fight choreography and being impressed.

Plus it was made near where I live. :)

Now I feel like watching it again.

I watched a lot of those films back in the day and a few were pretty decent. I remember also being impressed by one called Duality - it's pretty fight heavy / green screen heavy with barely a shred of plot but it was fun.

I remember enjoying thumb wars but it was probably mostly the absurd nature of it rather than the actual humour.

I remember being impressed with trailers for a fan film called Tyderium some years back but it appears to be trapped in development hell or abandoned altogether.

There are probably some other good ones out there but I've been out of the loop for a while, might do some digiging..

Saw World War Z yesterday. I remember enjoying it while watching it but feeling disappointed at the end. Apparently the Book is pretty different, might take a look at that.

2 Balls.