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How to do the Clone Wars?
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24-May-2014, 12:38 AM
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25-May-2014, 3:48 PM
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Alright, I've been wondering how to do the Clone Wars. Now, from what I've seen there have been many who usually have clones fighting against the Republic or fighting for the Republic, as in the Prequels. Usually, clones range from generic soldiers to Mandalorian clones to even Jedi clones (see Dave Gremillion's Star Wars: Awakening).

While it is good to know about the clones in the war, I'm wondering how the Clone Wars will actually be done. With canon, the Clone Wars were just Separatists droids vs Republic clones led by Jedi. But how to do it in a rewrite?

To start off, we can use history as there are many wars we can use as a basis:

  • The American Civil War - the conflict originated from the debate on slavery. Have the clones be the Star Wars equivalent of African American slaves and let the Clone Wars be about trying to free the clones from captivity. By the way, I find interesting that in the actual Prequels, there's a Confederacy (the Separatists) against the Republic. Just a thought. 
  • WWI and WWII - these two are famous. One started from the conquests between Imperialistic nations, while another started from the political rise of a country spreading out
  • The effects of WWI was what led to the rise of Nazi Germany. What can happen is in the early years of the Clone Wars, the Republic
  • The Vietnam War - the war that brought one of the lowest points in American history. Just as citizens were drafted into the army and the American public lost faith in their government, we can use the same thing with the Republic as it turns into the Empire (something I tried to do in my old Prequel rewrite called The Dark Times.)

What I plan to do for my Clone Wars is to have Clone Wars 1 and 2 (based after WW1 and WW2). In this, the former Jedi Master Dooku and his fellow Jedi deserters form the Separatists and attack the Republic. The clones here are used as super soldiers and Black-ops, provided by many cloners who act as an intermediary and gain profit for producing clones. The Republic uses the Mandalorian clones from Jango Fett, while the Separtists use different clones like the Morgukai and even try to clone Jedi. 

What do you think about it? Is it any good? What are you ideas? Please let me know. Thanks.