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Lack of humanity in prequels?
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10-Oct-2004, 6:51 PM
This may sound silly, but one of my main complaints about the PT is the lack of not just actors, but human beings. It seems that GL has consciously decided to make the PT galaxy a much more diverse one, as opposed to the human-centric one in the OT, which is somewhat understandable. However, at least for me, something gets lost along the way. Perhaps it's harder to relate to non-human characters? Or perhaps there are SO many 'aliens' that their overall impact is watered down?

Anyway, what do you prefer? Do think the SW universe should be a human one, with a random 'alien' thrown in here and there for good measure? Or do you prefer a more fantasy oriented universe with a wide variety of creatures and races? Would it help if they kept the large amount of aliens in the PT, but instead made the bad guys (battle droids, Geonosians) human (MPAA-rating not withstanding)?