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Star Fleet/X-Bomber (1980) Remastered Edition (a work in progress)
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18-May-2014, 9:52 PM
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I discovered another DVD set of this series I didn't know existed. It was released last year I believe in Japan, by Bandai:

I've seen a rip of one of those remastered episodes and they aren't what I would call remastered - apparently there were some serious issues with how they handled motion - I believe they used field blending from what I've read. The color leans heavily towards green. There does seem to be some good detail though. The French remasters look far better from some rips I've seen, though they tend to be darker too - maybe a tad too dark - a lot of the shadow detail is hidden in blacks in the French remaster, but clearly visible in the Bandai remasters. I still believe the French DVDs look the best - they certainly have the best color. I've only seen rips of the French DVDs, not full DVDs, so it's hard to compare detail levels. The motion seems excellent in the rips I've seen.

I'd be watching these on a 46" screen though and I fear rips won't hold up so well - just watching the rips I've seen on my 46" shows a lot of pixellation from the .avi compression. Full DVDs hold up a lot better, especially when upconverted by my player.