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Johnny Ringo
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The Standalone Star Wars Films
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6-May-2014, 11:53 PM
Maybe a young Han Solo movie, as they can use the recreated Falcon set pieces for that.

How young are you thinking? - because the ship did belong to Lando at some point.

I'd be interested if they [Han / Lando / et al] were portrayed as drug runners and gamblers rather than heroes / 'good' guys..

A movie about the forming of the rebel alliance seems unlikely given the new TV series coming out.

What are the chances that some of the movies will be animated?

Are Ford, Fisher and Hamill confirmed for multiple films or only Episode 7?

What are the chances of a BTTF2 style plot that weaves through an established film from a different angle? - Apparently the new Terminator film is going this route.

I understand that people love boba fett but I don't really think there's much you could do [now] with the character that would be meaningful.

We already know about his birth, his upbringing and his death.

Somebody mentioned a clone wars film using the PT cast, something like that could be fun if based on a decent script. Although we HAVE just had 6 years worth of Clone Wars story lines.

maybe something set in the old republic era?