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Johnny Ringo
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Video Games - a general discussion thread
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29-Apr-2014, 3:13 AM

Ryan McAvoy said:

I bought 'Aliens: Colonial Marines' yesterday because the shop had it for just £5 brand new (About $8). I thought, I know it's supposed be bad but how bad can an Aliens game be for that price?

Turns out, pretty damn bad.

The graphics are inferior to not just the last 2010 AvP game but in some respects, they don't even hold up next to the classic Avp from 15 years ago! When you lob a grenade it is animated with less explosive impact that a party popper. The lighting is so bad and lacking in atmosphere that it doesn't even matter wether you use your lamp or flares (Something normally integral to Marine gameplay). The character models resemble waxworks with lips that barely move or synch with the dialogue.

But the worst aspect is the Aliens themselves. First off there is no build up whatsover. You are facing off against one within 3 minutes. And the very first Alien got itself stuck in the floor and just sat facing the wall while I shot it in the back. I then walked over it's body just to see what the efect was. Nothing! You don't get burned by the acid! This is an Alien game?!?

The second group of Aliens I came across was also glitched to hell. When the first one attacked I went into an automatic push-back mode and then the next attack automatically launched that same mode. and again and again until I was dead. The game woudn't let me draw my pulse rifle and defend myself properly. This is after a year of large updates and bug fixes? God knows what kind of mess people must have been facing on day one.

At points, I actually found myself pulling out my motion tracker just to hear that heartbeat sound, to manually add some atmosphere myself! I honestly can't remember a worst made game released at this level or from a pedigree gaming franchise like this.

In short, if somebody offers you this game free... I'd still advise you to think twice. It's not worth the time it takes to install even for a few pounds.

(btw Any word on the lawsuit against the developers for false advertising)

There was talk a while back about potential lawsuits after it was revealed that the developer [Gearbox?] were given money by sega for A:CM and spent it on developing borderlands 2 instead.

from what I've heard of the development cycle the project should have been canned long before release.

After playing through in co-op mode I've been warning a lot of people to stay well away from it.

I've got high hopes for the new game - Alien Isolation but I'm preparing myself for the fact that it could also suck.