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The Sad Story of LucasArts' Darth Maul Game
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17-Apr-2014, 3:01 AM

Color me unsurprised that the first thing that Lucasfilm staffers tell the third-party game developers who are about to meet with George Lucas is "never say 'no' to George."

Also somehow not surprised that GL played with the statues of Maul and Talon like action figures and said "they're friends!" to illustrate his idea for the game concept.

And once again we see GL is only capable of thinking of plot and character ideas in terms of pastiches of other media--he name-checked The Godfather and Lauren Bacall in speaking to the guys at Red Fly.

I am however frankly a bit mystified that the Lucasfilm guys warned the developers not to mention the name of the protagonist Starkiller from The Force Unleashed--and that Lucas wouldn't ever do so either. He named him, after all, didn't he? (Did GL decide he no longer liked using the name Starkiller for that character? Sorry, George, but you don't get to un-release video games, even bad ones.)