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Commander Courage
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All Things Star Trek
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1-Apr-2014, 12:44 AM

CP3S said:

I am pretty sure The Inner Light is my all time favorite TNG episode. I find the whole concept really interesting. 

I totally ripped it off in a short story I wrote many years back, where a man gets in a fight with his wife, goes out for a walk to cool off, stumbles into a large hole at a nearby construction site, wakes up, and the next thing he knows he is being chased down by an army of ogres, scooped up, thrown into a cage with a bunch of other humans, and sold off as a slave. For the first few years in this fantasy-esque world he is bent on getting home, but eventually becomes invested in his new life, writes off his old life as some weird vivid dream or fantasy, joins in a slave uprising, raises a family, lives to a ripe old age, and one morning wakes up in a deep hole at a construction site, just as discombobulated as the first time around, suddenly finding himself back in a strange existence he hardly even remembers and desperately wishing he could get back.  

 This sounds really cool, CP3S! Do you have it online somewhere to share? I'd be interested in reading it!