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New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh - Preservation Project
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31-Mar-2014, 5:11 PM
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31-Mar-2014, 5:42 PM
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Thanx4the suggestions guys, however (honestly) this script stuff is way above my knowledge of these things. I can do some editing things and am pretty good at accomplishing nice results using Vegas Pro 11 but my real forte is audio editing and/or photo editing. This is not to say that I'm not going to figure it out or that I mind learning new things (as this whole project is a learning experience for me) but it may take me some time.

What is really interesting is that some of the "problem" episodes were actually just telecined and they haven't been giving me problems once I used the Decomb telecine filter in avidemux, but some suffer from some weird field-blending (where I'm not sure if they were telecined) and start giving me problems. It's interesting that srestore tries to do automatically what I have been doing manually by using this process:

First, I make a encode from source using the TDeint filter. Next, I make a second encode from source using the DGbob filter (doubling frames and fps). Next I load both encodes into Vegas, where I manually replace the frames with issue in the first encode (as a lot of it looks fine) with frames from the second encode and have been getting a pretty nice result so far. Granted, this is a "manual" way of doing what srestore (assuming I understand what I read about how that script works) does automatically, HOWEVER the advantage of doing it manually is that I am SURE that ever problem frame is restored properly.

Until I really figure out this script thing, this works. Also, I know that results will vary when trying to do it automated by using srestore and I might have to go through it and fix some frames anyway, whereas the manual way I am sure all frames are restored. A little bit more time consuming? sure, but that's ok for now. This project is already overwhelming because of its size and I'm willing to do it manually as I'm just more comfortable with it that way.

Still, thanx4suggestions and I am learning this stuff on the side either way, as I do eventually want to do things "properly"

Peace, Jerry