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Commander Courage
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Nerds Explain It All (and a Star Wars Radio Drama)
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28-Mar-2014, 12:04 AM

Greetings all!

I don't know how many of you will remember me, but I was a an avid poster here a few years ago. I actually checked the last time I logged in and was surprised to find it was almost 4 years ago! Wow! I had no idea it'd been that long. even though I haven't been posting I've still lurked and kept up with many of the fan edit threads so to me it feels like I never left!

Be that as it may, I'm happy to announce I've launched my own podcast called "Nerds Explain It All"! 

The premise is simple: Three nerds who have been friends for a long time discuss anything and everything in the realm of nerddom.  Inspired by our love for podcasts and our desire to discuss the happenings nerddom amongst ourselves, we hope to provide entertaining and in-depth conversations worth listening to!  We've all been members of or lurked on many a message board over the years, and want to bring the same back-and-forth that makes places like this so endearing into an audio format.  After all, it's much easier (and more importantly, safer) listening to a podcast than scrolling though an internet forum when you're in the car or on the go!

Our slogan is "finding meaningless answers to pointless questions" and that's what it's all about.  With a healthy balance of fanboy appreciation, constructive criticism, and good old fashioned nitpicking, we'll attempt to explain the whys and why nots of why we like this stuff, if it's worth our continued devotion, and even if it isn't why we'll probably keep coming back anyway.  All the while keeping a good sense of humor!

We're a dozen or so episodes in and in addition to weekly(ish) news, we've covered such topics as: DC's New 52, Top Superhero Movies, Arrow, Book-to-Film Adaptations, Film Remakes and much more!

If any of that piques your interest, check us out! 

Follow us on Twitter! twitter.com/nerdsexplain

Like us on Facebook! www.facebook.com/nerdsexplainitall

Listen to our show! nerdsexplainitall.podomatic.com/ 

Subscribe on iTunes! https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/nerds-explain-it-all/id731455188?mt=2

I think you guys will find it an enjoyable show and hope to ease back into the discussion here and expand the conversation that fires the fuels of all of our nerddom! If you do plan on checking us out, don't judge us too harshly on our first couple of episodes. We've come a long way in a short time, both conversationally and technically! 

And finally, in what will probably be of the greatest interest to all here, we're currently planning a Star Wars radio drama of the prequel trilogy. Not based on the official prequels mind you, but on the re-writes by Rebel Scumb that were posted both here and on TheForce.Net's Jedi Council Forums many years ago. They, to all of us at NEIA at least, perfectly capture the spirit of Star Wars and are our personal "head canon" as to what preceded Episode IV. 

To that end, does anyone know how to contact him? We've tried but to no avail thus far. He seems to have disappeared into the ether of the internet, haha. We'd love to have his involvement in the project, or at the very least let him know we're doing it! Any help in that regard would be very much appreciated!