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New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh - Preservation Project
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25-Mar-2014, 5:00 PM
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25-Mar-2014, 5:11 PM
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Ok, so I kind of hit a brick wall with this project and need some advice. Some of the episodes have the frame blending issue (where the PAL copy has the NTSC runtime) and I searched high and low for alternate sources. I finally found a second edition of German releases of the series in xvid format (but instead of a 800-1200kbps video bitrate they are 1600-1800kbps) and is the ONLY one that has those episodes converted properly to PAL (with PAL speed-up and NO frame blending) Now I do NOT want to use that as a "main" source for this project (as the other source are MUCH higher bitrate) but perhaps replace the frames that I can't correct by duplicating frames could be used from the German source. However there is a little Disney logo in the bottom lefthand corner of the screen on the German release which is not there on the higher quality source. So should I try to "cookie-cutter" that part out where that part will still display the higher quality source but most of the screen would be properly there from German source. Should I just replace those frames directly and leave logo intact (which would be weird if a disney logo flashed for a frame here and there occasionally or what???? Not sure how to bite this one... Or edit each of those frame in PaintShopPro and re-insert them that way??? Any suggestions would be awesome... I will not let this stop me but I just want to make sure it's done right. What's really weird about this is that the NTSC xvid release of some of these episodes in question suffer from the same frame blending that I saw in all PAL releases (except for the second German one I just found that I reference up top) which makes me wonder if the NTSC releases were de-interlaced incorrectly, hence the frame blending.

Ok, I'm rambling now... thanx4reading&hope someone might have a suggestion that will help, peace

P.S. The episodes in question are very few as far as entire series is concerned, so for now I am going to finish working on the episodes that were converted to PAL correctly and once I have the "blending" issue figured out I will go back to those troubled episodes. So either way, this project is still moving forward :)