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We all know that stand-alone Star Wars movies are a done deal (Like it or not) so what do you want to see???
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25-Mar-2014, 2:05 AM
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25-Mar-2014, 2:11 AM
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I've got an idea for a film that's basically a Lovecraftian horror story set in the Star Wars Universe.

Two Jedi archaeologists -- a master and his newly appointed apprentice -- are sent to serve as consultants on a remote backwater planet where the ruins of a long extinct civilization have been unearthed. Apparently, this civilization wiped itself millions of years ago after succumbing to some bizarre pandemic which caused them all to develop conflicting memories about themselves, their peers, and the history of their world, driving them to homicidal madness in the process.

As the archaeological team digs deeper and deeper into the ruins, they, too, begin to suffer from the madness which wiped out this lost civilization, recalling conflicting memories about themselves, their peers, and the universe around them.

Eventually, it is discovered that this plague of madness is caused by some bizarre orb buried at the heart of the ruins -- an orb which serves as a window into the multiverse. Anyone who gets too close to the orb and its emanations gains the memories of their counterparts in other timelines, driving them insane in the process.

In the end, the Jedi master sacrifices himself by merging with the orb, defeating it in the process. His apprentice, who suffered prolonged exposure to the radiations of the orb, is left insane, unable to distinguish one reality from another, existing in multiple worlds at once.